It’s a Lego World!

Posted August 26, 2017 - By Mendezmedia | 2 Comments

I’ve been running into a lot of cool stuff made out of Lego on the web lately, makes me wonder, is there anything that Lego can’t do? I’ve found some of these ideas to be very inspiring.

A Kitchen made of Lego!

A couple of French designers decided to merge two major Scandinavian brands, Lego & IKEA.
The result is a unique kitchen made of Lego, complete with a full counter top.

Lego Office Table!

An Ad agency in Ireland also showed their passion for Lego when they decided that their meetings would be more inspiring if they were held over a Lego conference table.
Check out the video of how they put it together from scratch:

Lego DJ Deck!

Lastly my personal favorite!
These German guys combined their love for Lego and music by constructing a cool-looking Lego DJ deck.
It’s been such a hit that they have made a “construction manual” available so you can build one yourself, but watch out, their English is not the best. ;)


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  • Zsuzsa August 27, 2017

    thank’s for featuring our DJ deck… but we’re from Germany… that explains our english ;-)

  • Mendezmedia September 03, 2017

    Thank you for the cool idea! We could use some of these at Miami’s winter music conference in March.. Greetz

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