Lego Coffee Table “Scandinavian Design”

Posted September 24, 2018 - By Mendezmedia | 2 Comments

Since Mendezmedia has just acquired new office space, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to do one of those things the “we always wanted to do” – Create a centerpiece table top made out of Lego.
And so begins our “Scandinavian Design Project.”

We paid a visit to The Lego Store in Aventura Mall, where they have a cool Lego Wall on display, we took our sweet time picking out the color bricks and filled up 5 large containers. We also got a nice looking VIP Lego card.

After a couple of sleepless sessions and a trip back to the Lego store for 2 more containers, we finally got it: A centerpiece Lego coffee table perfect for our new waiting area.

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  • Nancy September 28, 2018

    congrats on the new office. Love your new blog! Great layout and design.

  • carved wooden furniture October 12, 2018

    Really amazing post. Love the idea behind this post. Your post amazing and Helpful my business. I will try to implement your idea to design such a beautiful coffee table.

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