Pink Snails Invade the Beach!

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To my surprise, as I look out my balcony I see a big truck towing what looks like a giant pink snail, and I think to myself: wait a minute, it is a giant pink snail!
It turns out that Miami Beach is being invaded by pink snails of gigantic proportions just in time for Art Basel and if you live in the neighborhood I’m sure that you’ve noticed. It’s all part of an Italian Art Collective hoping to spread a green message with their 45 pink sculptures made out of recycled plastic.

The pink snails have already taken over Maurice Gibb Memorial Park, Lummus Park and the Venetian Causeway and are supposed to slowly make their way (with a little help from workers) to Collins Park by the middle of December. Already seen in countries such as France, the project is supposed to carry out a message of environmental consciousness as all the plastic used has been collected from landfills.

According to The Miami Herald, one of the representatives for the collective used the metaphor: “We run and work too much, but where are we going?”
The pink snails will crawl out of town on January 3rd.

For more info on the pink snails visit:

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